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Short and mid-term contract terms

Contractual conditions CasaViva Service

1. General conditions and provisions ("DG")

This document regulates the contractual relations between the customer (hereinafter the "Conductor") And CasaViva Service by Katei Italia Srl Unipersonale (hereinafter the"Society") Following the booking and payment of the apartment selected from those on the portal.
The possibility of entering into specific agreements is reserved, without prejudice to these general contract conditions.

2. Completion of the contract

2.1. Choice of the property
By accessing the online platform, the Tenant has real-time information about the availability and prices of the chosen property.

2.2. Booking process
If the property chosen by the tenant is free for the period indicated by the same, he must complete the booking operation by completing it with the payment of the entire amount of the agreed rental fee, by credit card, following the guided instructions.
Upon successful payment, the Company will send the Tenant an e-mail confirming the booking containing the detail of the chosen apartment, the rental period, the number of occupants and the amounts (1) of the rent, (2) of the cleaning service, (3) of the security deposit (if due).
The contract will not be effective until the payment of the above amounts has been completed and until the Conductor has completed the online check-in process, the link of which will be emailed following the booking (point 2.3). The conductor will have the choice between two different rates, one non-refundable and a standard rate; The latter, more expensive than the previous one, will allow you to make changes or cancellations according to the cancellation policy indicated during the booking, without the payment of any penalty and with the return of the full amount paid.

2.3. Check-in online
Following the booking, at the latest the day before the check-in date or the same day in case of last-minute bookings, the Host will receive by email the link to carry out the online check-in procedure, which provides: 1) the compilation of the data of the main guest; 2) the compilation of the personal data of all guests, adults and minors, for legal communications; 3) the payment of the residence tax (if due); 4) acceptance of the short lease. The conductor is required to complete the online check-in procedure no later than the day before the scheduled check-in, i.e. the same day in case of last-minute bookings. The conductor will receive confirmation of the successful online check-in through a confirmation email. If the online check-in is not completed, the Conductor will not be able to access the booked property, the booking will be automatically cancelled and no refund will be due.

2.4. Booking and confirmation
The reservation will be considered confirmed with the successful outcome of the payment of the rent (with the consequent sending of the Booking Confirmation e-mail referred to in point 2.2 above) and after the completion of the online check-in referred to in point 2.3. In the absence of these conditions, the Company will be free to conclude lease agreements with third parties concerning the same apartment for the same period.
The Lease Agreement will be digitally signed by the Tenant through the insertion of an OTP code obtained through the online check-in procedure and validated by the Company by sending a confirmation email.

3. Price and payment

3.1. The amount of the rent and cleaning costs are indicated in the Booking Specifications. For leases less than a month, the total amount must be understood as inclusive of energy and gas consumption, heating and water.
3.2 The tourist tax is not included in the price and must be paid by credit card through the online check-in procedure.

4. Security deposit

4.1. If requested, at the same time as the payment of the agreed rental fee, the Tenant may be required to pay the Company an amount as a security deposit.
4.2. The security deposit required depends on the length of the lease.
4.3. There are exceptions for apartments of particular value and / or for the presence of animals.
4.4. The security deposit will be returned in full to the Lessee after the termination of the Contract. It is understood that in the event of ascertaining damages caused by the Lessee to the Property, the Company will have the right to withhold the aforementioned security deposit, except, in any case, its right to compensation for any further damage.

5. Duration of the Contract, Withdrawal of the Tenant and Penalty

5.1. The duration of the contract will be indicated in the Booking Confirmation.
5.2. In the event of withdrawal by the tenant for any reason before the start of the rental period, see point 2.2.
5.3. In case of cancellation after the times defined in point 2.2 or "no show" (no-show on the day of check-in) by the Tenant, the Company will retain the total amount of the stay.

6. Cancellation requests

Any cancellation requests must always be communicated in writing by e-mail to the address and are subject to the cancellation policy relating to the Rate selected by the Tenant at the time of booking confirmation.

7. Request for changes

Any booking changes must be requested by sending an e-mail to: and they will be possible depending on the availability, the maximum capacity of the property in question, the prices in force, and the following conditions:
Increase in the number of days or people: it is possible, provided that the apartment is available for the required dates or has sufficient capacity. The change is confirmed only after the difference between the original amount paid and the new amount to be paid has been paid.
Reduction of the number of days or persons: it is possible without charge for requests received within the free cancellation period relating to the booked accommodation, unless the apartment has been booked with a non-refundable rate. If the reduction is possible and results in a lower overall rate, the Company will recalculate the total amount of the stay, consequently reducing the outstanding balance or refunding the difference.

8. Replacement of the Property and Refund

8.1. The Company reserves the right to replace the Property with another Property of equal or higher quality if, for reasons not attributable to the same, it is unable to guarantee the Tenant the enjoyment of the Property. If the Tenant, for reasonable and documented reasons, refuses the property offered as a replacement, the Company will reimburse the same the sums paid to it relating to the period of stay not enjoyed. No further amount will be due by the Company to the Lessee in any capacity.
8.2. In the event of an event that causes the property to be unusable at any time of the stay, for any reason, and provided that the Tenant notifies the Company of this at the latest 24 hours after the emergency has occurred, a refund is provided of the sums paid for the unused period of stay, if the Company has not found an alternative apartment as indicated in point 8.1.
8.3. The reimbursement of a part or of the total amount of the stay of a reservation can only be made on the credit card or bank account used by the Tenant at the time of booking. The technical times for the refund depend on the payment instrument used by the Lessee at the time of booking, and any delays cannot be attributed to the Company.

9. Check-in e check-out

9.1. Check-in and check-out take place according to the methods communicated by the staff and the times described on the website.
9.2. It will be possible to submit a request for check-in or check-out after hours. This request will be accepted or rejected based on the availability of the structure. An additional fee may be required for these services. The amount of this cost will be communicated upon confirmation of the service.

10. Obligations of the tenant

10.1. The conductor agrees not to stay in the property with more people than indicated in the check-in-online procedure. The non-compliance of this obligation will result in the Tenant being obliged to pay the Company, as a penalty, an amount equal to 50% of the total price of the rent of the property for each excess person.
10.2. The Driver expressly declares that each cohabiting / dependent person will be regularly present on the territory of the Italian State because he is an Italian citizen or, in the case of a foreign citizen, in compliance with the rules on public security (any visa or residence permit), assuming direct responsibility for it.
10.3. The conductor undertakes to use the property with care, keeping it clean, refraining from any act that may cause any damage to the property and/or its relevance and/or its common parts and/or the goods contained in it. The conductor undertakes to check the status of the plants in case they are supplied in the house or in any balconies/terraces, as well as undertakes to keep the eaves of the terraces clean to allow the evacuation of the water.
10.4. The conductor also undertakes to use the property in such a way as not to disturb the residents in the vicinity of the property itself. Is’ prohibited from using the property for unlawful acts.
10.5. The Tenant also undertakes to return the keys of the property upon check-out.
10.6. Finally, the conductor undertakes not to reproduce and/or hand over to third parties the keys of the property and/or to reveal to third parties any codes of access to the property. Loss/breaking of keys and/or locking results in compensation for the cost of a new lock and 4 new key decks.
10.7. The Tenant undertakes to observe, for the entire period of the lease, the ordinary precautions and security measures aimed at preventing the entry of strangers into the Property. It is understood that in the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the tenant will be responsible for any damage caused to the property and / or the goods contained therein.

11. Faculty of access to the property

The person in charge of the Company and / or third parties appointed by the same, identifiable at the request of the Tenant, will have the right to access the Property in order to carry out any necessary repairs and / or maintenance. Except for emergencies, the Driver will be informed in advance.

12. Animals

12.1. Unless express written authorization from the Company, the Tenant is prohibited from housing animals of any species in the Property.
12.2. The Tenant assumes all responsibility and undertakes to compensate any damage caused by the presence of their animals in the property.

13. Suspension of utilities

The Company will not be liable to the Tenant for any innocent suspension and / or interruption of electricity and / or gas and / or water and / or Internet supplies.

14. Penalty for non-compliance with conductor's obligations (art. 8)

In the case of conduct contrary to the good conduct of the property, the Tenant will have to pay the Company a penalty equal to 200% of the rent indicated in the premise, to the event also competing on the security deposit, except the right to compensation for any greater damage suffered.

15. Disclaimer

The amount of any damages that the Company can compensate to the Conductor in relation to these General Provisions will not exceed the sum actually paid by the Conductor to the Company in relation to the DG themselves.

16. Thefts

The Company will never be responsible for any thefts suffered by the Conductor, whether they were burglary or tampering at the entrance or in any other mode within the Property. The conductor therefore undertakes not to leave his belongings and personal belongings unattended inside the property.

17. Personal data

The Tenant authorizes the Company to communicate his personal data to third parties in relation to obligations connected with the rental relationship (Legislative Decree 196/2003).

18. Competent Forum

For any controversy deriving from this assignment, the Court of Genoa will have exclusive jurisdiction.

19. Regulatory Law

This contract is subject exclusively to Italian law.

20. Site Use and Transparency

Le offerte di alloggio di CasaViva Service by Katei Italia srl Unipersonale sono normalmente valide per tutto il tempo in cui sono presenti sul Sito, fino a esaurimento delle disponibilità salvo diversa indicazione contenuta nell’offerta stessa, e possono variare in tempo reale. Le foto riportate nelle descrizioni sono puramente illustrative e non hanno valore vincolante.